Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bright, Bold, and Beautiful!

I am a huge fan of Hoohobbers crib bedding! I love the fact that Hoohobbers uses boxed bumpers and long ties on their bumpers! My first bedding set was flimsy and never looked like it fit the crib. After changing to a Hoohobbers set I am a huge advocate of boxed bumpers. They are easy to clean, fit the crib perfectly, and they are nice and firm.

They just came out with a new set of bright and bold crib bedding! I think the new "burst" collection is gorgeous. My favorite is the seagrass but honestly I love them all! I am a huge Gamecock fan but I have to admit the orange set would be great for Clemson or Gator fans.


  1. What's the difference between the boxed crib bedding and what Pottery Barn Kids has? Just the length of the ties? It is adorable though!

  2. The ties are longer and the actual bumper is completely different. The Pottery Barn bumper do not have inserts and do not zip open. So they are more difficult to clean and they are not as sturdy and firm. The boxed bumpers are thicker. I will try to take some photos and do a blog to compare the two. :)


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